Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fantasy Art Imaginary Creatures Winners

Star Birth by Lucie Bilodeau
(this piece is available for sale HERE)

In her description Lucie Bilodeau writes that her piece is about "a fairy creating stars".

This piece features a white lion lying in a bed of flowers with a fairy on his back with stars in the palm of her hand. Also featured are butterflies and a forest.

The next picture is what her piece looks like as a framed print. This one is in a cream colored mat with a copper and brown type frame. Her framed prints are available HERE (you can choose a number of colors on the frames and mats in the drop-downs): 

Here is another framed print, available in a white and gold frame and a white mat:

Here is one of the products you can buy in pillow format, available for sale HERE. This is with a purple background. You can choose background colors. This one is purple: #7c668d

The next one is a tote bag, available for sale in a number of sizes HERE. The background color is also customize-able (this one is #d9d2b5):

Our second place winner is also a piece by Lucie Bilodeau:

Star Birth by Lucie Bilodeau
(this piece is available for sale HERE)

Featured is a fairy with a blue flower. She is among other blue flowers, a lady bug and butterflies.

Our third place winners had a tie between Sgn and Jutta Maria Pusl:

This is Sgn's piece:
When it Rains in Scarborough by Sgn
(the piece is available for sale HERE)

This is Jutta Maria Pusl's piece:
Whimsical Wonderland by Jutta Maria Pusl
(the piece is available for sale HERE)


  1. Thank you for featuring my artwork! - SGN

  2. I knew I've been missing something for quite some time now, the Fantasy Art Group blog, haven't seen them in ages it seems!

    Thought I'd just say congrats to the winners of the Fantasy Art Imaginary Creatures contest...I know it's been a long time since this was out, but, since I'm here and these are some amazing artworks I'm gonna say it anyways, lol. Hope you keep on posting these in the future!

    1. Sherry, we will. I have just had some issues to deal with and we'll be back on line soon, hopefully. Thanks for the comments!