Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Cutest Sweetest Fairies You Ever Saw Contest Winners and other outstanding works in the genre

Fairy Dust by Nicole Gelinas
available for sale HERE

In this post, we feature the winners of the Fine Art America contest, The Cutest Sweetest Fairies You Ever Saw to contrast with our last contest (The Weirdest Most Bizarre Fantasy Art Creatures),  plus some other outstanding pieces.

The piece above is our first place contest winner, Nicole Gelinas from Joliette, Quebec, Canada (

Depicted is a little girl fairy with green wings and a wreath of flowers around her head, blowing fairy dust. This piece is from an original painting of watercolor on canvas. 

Here is how this piece can look if it is framed:

framed prints available HERE
choose size, type of frame and mat from drop-downs
this frame is VN4 under copper frames and the mat is manor white

Here is another:
again, framed prints available HERE
this frame is CLU5 under green frames with a manor white mat

Here is what this piece looks like as a pillow:
pillows available HERE
you can choose background colors from the drop-downs
This colored background is: ba89db

Here are our other winners:

Fairy Lite by Ali Oppy
available for sale HERE

Fairy Princess by Brian Wallace
available for sale HERE

June Breeze by Adam Long
available for sale HERE
(for most inventive piece)

The next few pieces were part of the contest too. They were all towards the top of the heap of contest winners (and is it any wonder?):

The Wood Sprite by Daniel Eskridge
available for sale HERE

The Knight and the Fairy, also by Daniel Eskridge
available for sale HERE

Fairy of the Butterflies by Edelberto Cabrera
available for sale HERE

Tree Hug by Jutta Maria Pusl
available for sale HERE 

Rose Fairy by Ali Oppy
available for sale HERE

Imagine by K.S. Rankin
available for sale HERE

To see all of the artists who submitted to this contest, check it out HERE.

Thank you for visiting. Our next contest is called "Dragons" ... yes, just dragons. See you then!

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