Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fantasy Art Creatures in the Snow contest winners

Winter Dragon by Daniel Eskridge
available for sale HERE

For this contest, the focus was on fantasy art creatures in the snow. It is December now, after all. The first, second and third place winners were all chosen by Fine Art America members. The last three honorable mentions were chosen by the administrator of the group. 

Of his Winter Dragon, Daniel Eskridge had this to say:

A white dragon perches upon a snow covered tower of rock. He looks over a mountain range that is locked in a cold perpetual winter. Stretching his wings in the frigid wind, he gazes into the crystal clear blue sky. As he exhales his frosty breath drifts away into the air.

For this image, I was wanting give a sense of that super cold air one experiences in the high altitudes of the tallest mountains. So I used as cold a palette I could come up with. I added the white dragon as a further symbol of cold and frost.

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge

Daniel Eskridge has academic training in both computer science and fine art. This is part of his story:

By day, I am a senior software engineer. But, by night I am a 3D render artist. I have dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the other in Fine Art. So, it seems only natural that I attempt to combine the two by producing art using a computer.

Here is how this piece can look framed:

Winter Dragon framed by Daniel Eskridge
framed prints available HERE
choose size, type of frame and mats from drop-down
this is #EMP5 under blue frames, and a french blue mat

Here is just one product that you can purchase on Fine Art America with his image:

Winter Dragon carry-all pouch by Daniel Eskridge
Carry-all pouches available HERE

Next up is our second and third place winners (note: we have two third place winners):

Serpent of the Snow by Ali Oppy
available for sale HERE

Unicorn in the Snow by Jayne Wilson
available for sale HERE
THIRD PLACE (shared with Adam Long)

Watch Me Go Video Still Snow Scene by Adam Long
available for sale HERE
THIRD PLACE (shared with Jayne Wilson)

For the remaining pieces left in the contest, three were chosen for various honorable mentions:

Fantasy Art 12 by Artful Oasis
available for sale HERE
HONORABLE MENTION for most inventive piece

What the Crows Found by Jeff Gettis
available for sale HERE
HONORABLE MENTION for most narrative piece

Christmas Unicorn by Katherine Nutt
available for sale HERE
HONORABLE MENTION for best holiday piece


  1. Fun contest! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for the honourable mention for my Christmas Unicorn!