Friday, June 2, 2017

Fairies (Part I)

The Moonlight Fairy by Jayne Wilson
available for sale HERE

The point of this post is to show the many expressions and depictions of fairies by our fantasy artists. The fantasy artists whose works are featured here are part of the Fantasy Art for Home and Office group on the site, Fine Art America. Under each piece you will find a link where you can buy (if interested).

Fairies are a legendary or supernatural nature spirit from Europe (and probably originating from Celtic traditions). Fairies have wings in many varieties, and are typically found with light orbs. According to Wikipedia: "The word 'fairy' was used to represent an illusion, or enchantment; the land of the Faes; collectively the inhabitants thereof; or an individual such as a fairy knight."

Here are some other pieces from our artists:

Forest Sprite by David Griffith
available for sale HERE

Indigo Featherdust by Putterhug Studio 
available for sale HERE

A Fairy's Friend by G. Berry
available for sale HERE

Flower Pot Fairy by Ali Oppy
available for sale HERE

Fairy Cottage by Ka Fra Art
available for sale HERE

Visitors at a Fairy Blessing by Lise Winne
available for sale HERE

Sissy Fairy by Rob Corsetti
available for sale HERE

Growing Mushrooms by Brian Wallace
available for sale HERE

Pixie Glenn by David Griffith
available for sale HERE

Flying Flower Eve by Prar Kulasekara
available for sale HERE

Closer by Alice Chen
available for sale HERE

Many of these images are available in framed prints, on home decor, teeshirts and totes. Here is what some of these products can look like:

"Pixie Glenn" framed print by David Griffith available HERE
choose frame at mat color from tabs and drop-downs 

"Moonlight Fairy" pillow by Jayne Wilson available HERE
choose background color in drop down (this one is: #1f760f)

"Closer" extra large round beach towel by Alice Chen available HERE

click here for more fairies (plus mermaids) from our group

our home group page

for Fairies (Part II) GO HERE

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